Self Forgiveness

Forgiveness: Letting go of past grudges or lingering anger against a person or persons. 

Self ForgivenessThis is difficult enough to accomplish when it has to do with others, but what about having to forgive yourself?  On a daily basis we commit as much wrong against ourselves as we do others.  Yet we find it so difficult to acknowledge the injustice that we do to ourselves much less forgive ourselves.  Things like ignoring health issues, eating poorly and generally leading an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking, abusing substances).  At some point we need to look in the mirror, acknowledge the wrong, apologize and forgive ourselves.  Until we are able to do that, we are doomed to wallow in the pattern that we have worn into our lives and find senseless justifications for hurting ourselves.  Let us resolve to look more favorably upon ourselves.  Be kind and most of all, be forgiving…

If you find yourself stuck in a pattern of unforgivenss, please contact us.  We can help you find a way to forgive yourself.

~Shari Hines, JD, MS, – MGS Therapist