From The Beginning

As we go through life we place all these expectations on ourselves. Some are achievable and others are so far out of reach we have to wonder, “how in the heck did I think I could do that?”

So, what I decided was to lessen that feeling of unrealistic expectation I have placed over myself for many years. I started to do this by self-reflection and understanding who I was as a person. Which lead me to more doubt an unrealistic expectations. With time I realized I’m really unable to remove or add anything new to how I perceive myself until I begin to truly love myself and find a deeper connection to my creator. This was the path to which I had to travel in order to make change for myself. This may not be the path for you. With that being said, I moved into the direction of self-love and respect. Understanding where I wanted to be internally and making strides to obtain that emotional connection.

I began to see many of my positive and negative experiences that have taken place in my life, as events which have molded me into the person I am today. Honing in to the gifts I have been given and strengthening the areas I could use improvement. All of this, and much more, led me to where I am today. In my personal life, as a wife to my amazing husband and mother of two beautiful twin boys with the best dog ever. To a therapist that is sympathetic to the needs of my clients while maintain a structured practice to assist my community. Being involved with my church and participating in volunteer activities.

As I share my journey with you I will shed light on questions many of you have sent me. With time I will add YouTube videos to further assist you in your own personal journey’s.