Super Mom!!


As a working mother you may always feel like you are being pulled from left to right. I can relate! This is because we are and we do not always know when to say STOP! I have come to the realization that a small part of me likes being busy. It’s the idea that if I’m not busy then I haven’t accomplished anything. This too could be a dangerous thing for many moms. Post-partum is a real thing and many new moms are trying to be super moms, like myself, and do not give the appropriate time to stop and take care of self. Due to my training I was able to recognize this and take a step back. Many women do not have the same insight as myself and drive yourselves down the path towards depression. That tricky thing call depression can creep up on you and take you buy surprise. Don’t fall into this pattern. Take some time for you. I am blessed to have a husband whom could understand this. He would take the kids so I could have some me time, or even some girl time. Send me to get my hair done and so on and so forth. Now moms don’t forget dad either. Men to can fall into the hands of depression after a new child/children come into the picture. Let him out with the fellas or send him to get some needed individual time. With all this one on one time don’t fall short and not address the most important relationship. The two of  you as a couple. Couple time is much needed, the both of you making the other feel special, sexy and loved. The two as a unit are what allowed this special chapter called parenthood to begin. Don’t let it fall to the waist side due to neglect. Supper moms are over rated, but healthy happy moms are what everyone needs. So but down the cell phone, turn that paper over and all pens down. It’s time to get back to what’s important and that’s family, love and support for one another. This is just a friendly reminder from your local T.P.C (The Parent Counselor). LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE! Gail Wilson is a Therapist, Life Coach and Speaker in South Florida. Gail works with mothers dealing with postpartum and fathers whom are having difficulty with transitional changes with a new child. In addition Gail works with individuals, families and couples to find their inner strength and resolve interpersonal and relational conflicts. To schedule an appointment with Gail call (754) 999-0410 or her email at Upcoming Events!!!! What to Expect, When Expecting April 11, 2015|10am to 12pm|Light Refreshments provided| Register on Eventbrite at: