Funny Story

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So today I woke up and I realized that everyday could be a funny story. When looking at my boys and the things they try to learn are so funny. My youngest has been trying to mock my facial expressions. This in itself is a joy but I have come to notice that I have an array of facial expressions. I had not realized how much I express with my face. My little pumpkin is hilarious and I’m loving it.

He makes this poopy face that would make anyone laugh. My pumpkin is too small to understand what the face means, but he really enjoys making it. My eldest will give you the fiercest side eye EVER! Which I am not bragging about and this is where mommy has to make some changes. Good or bad they are watching me and I have to keep in mind that they are very impressionable.

As a parent it is easy to forget that each little things is being absorbed by our little ones. Which makes it even more important that I am careful about what I say and do. Like my silly faces and smart responses. I am not just raising my baby boys with my husband we are raising men. Men who will one day be on their own and living lives that are a reflection of the lifestyle we exposed them too. So silly faces need to decrease and positive statements, books, shows and music need to increase. I will say my pumpkin is still going to be a little silly like his mother but that’s ok because we need to have joy and laughter in our lives above all. I hope you could get a little giggle from this and totally relate to this story.

This is just a friendly story from your local T.P.C. (The Parent Counselor)



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