Post Partum Depression (PPD)

PPDMany new moms have experienced PostPartum Depression and never know what signs to look for. It is important you recognize the signs and obtain help. You are not alone in this and we at MGS Counseling and Therapy Services, LLC can assist you in working through these emotions and feeling you may be experiencing. Take a moment and read this attached article. See if you answer yes to any of the possible symptoms or if you already know you are struggling with PPD. Give us a call and we will assist you in reconnecting with the person you will like to see in the mirror everyday.

This is just a friendly post from your local T.P.C. (The Parent Counselor)


Gail Wilson is a Therapist, Life Coach and Speaker in South Florida.   Gail works with mothers dealing with postpartum and fathers whom are having difficulty with transitional changes with a new child. In addition Gail works with individuals, families and couples to find their inner strength and resolve interpersonal and relational conflicts. To schedule an appointment with Gail call (754) 999-0410 or her email at