Be Free

Beautiful young woman standing on top of mountain feeling empowered expressing joy and freedom
As lovers / daughters / wives / workers / mothers / grandmothers, we can be pulled in many directions.  Sometimes it feels as if we are at the hub of a wheel, keeping all the spokes in place so that the people in our lives can function.

This feeling of being needed can limit our creative flow and cut us off from our own dreams and passions.  How often have you not done something because it meant putting your own needs before someone else’s?

See yourself standing tall, alone on top of the mountain, and say. “I am free to be me”.  Repeat when necessary.  ~Woman Power, Linda Fields

At some point, we as women, will have to take stock of our storehouse and recognize when we are running low.  We give endlessly to others until there is nothing left for ourselves.  So yes my sisters, stand tall and find the freedom to be selfish with you.  Be free!

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