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Marketing Intern

It is my pleasure to introduce to you our Marketing Intern Valentina Verano. Valentina is a first generation, third year student, at the University of Florida. She is majoring in sustainability studies and minoring in business administration. Valentina reached out to Mrs. Wilson as she plans to eventually attend a graduate program for industrial psychology. As she explore’s the field of counseling and psychology.

As Valentina Interns with MGS Counseling she will be given the opportunity to widen her perspective in the world of mental health. Actively hands on in business growth and social media relations. Ms. Verano will share some of her writing expertise in some of our blogs and motivational posts.

In her spare time, Valentina practices mindfulness through yoga and meditation; she also enjoys the beach and spending time outdoors. She is extremely hardworking, positive, and motivating. Valentina is really excited to have this opportunity and for the experience she is about to have. We are glade to have her at MGS Counseling and Therapy Services, LLC and look forward to all the growth we will see in Ms. Verano.



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Success Stories…

Mrs. Gail Wilson made us feel safe when we did not know what would happen in our relationship. Many times we were unable to communicate and understand one another. Over time my wife and I have been able to work through disagreements without yelling and we’ve been able to grow from what we have learned.
~ A New Start
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mrs. Gail helped me in my addiction. I was unable to see how badly it was affecting me. I am happy that I feel like I can move forward in my life. Everyday clean will be another day I have won. I am looking forward to staying sober and I know if I ever need a refresher in my journey I’ll be able to contact Mrs. Gail.

As a single mother with high anxiety Mrs. Wilson provided me a safe place. I didn’t feel judged or rushed to work through my struggles. Her parenting workshop really provided me with tools to have better communication with my kids.
~Single Mom