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I believe in providing educational events and support to my clients, colleagues and the community.  I’ve created a variety of support groups and workshops that are offered throughout the year on topics ranging from motherhood and relationships to financial awareness and self-care.  Current groups and workshops are:

  • MGS Women’s Empowerment Workshop – August 2017  
    • The MGS Women Empowerment Workshop will offer women the opportunity to take back the feeling of self-worth, self-love and empowerment by providing strengthening tools and a renewed understanding of a woman’s worth. The goal of this workshop is for each woman to leave knowing they have embraced the best version of themselves. See More…
  • MGS Men’s Powerhouse Workshop – October 2017
    • the MGS Men’s Powerhouse Workshop is to support you in visualizing and achieving a better self. Creating your life as you most want it and empowering one another. If we want to see change in our lives we need to change the way we see ourselves. The workshop will focus on… See More…
  • Couples Connection: Reconnecting the Connection Workshop – November 2017
    • This workshop walks through the teaching series by Gail Wilson on how to grow and get reconnected in your relationship. Recapturing passion and romance and building inner closeness and achieving the highest level of intimacy in your marriage. This two day workshop will assist couples from an individualized and joint effort perspective. See More…

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Below you will find the Flyers for our upcoming Events & Seminars. Every year we will put on a number of events for the community. Sign up for our news letter and stay connected on all of our events.

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