Therapy for Families of Addicts
Therapy for Families of Addicts

Hurt People Hurt!

When your loved one is struggling with addiction they are not the only ones being affected.  Addiction can destroy the entire family.  At MGS Counseling & Therapy Services, LLC we can you help you find your foothold in the chaos that addiction has brought into your lives.

Mrs. Wilson has worked in the field of addiction for over seven years and currently assist clients and family members with tools towards sobriety. Addiction is a family addiction and a disease that even addicts themselves can’t understand. Mrs. Wilson works with clients individually in conjunction as a family on how to build a new foundation in life in sobriety.

“You do not know who you are when you are using and neither does your family. It is important that you stop hiding from the possibility of a happy life because you do not feel worthy of having one.  The mistakes you’ve mad are in the past and we can work together on amending them over time and making new memories sounded by trust, respect and the willingness to change. I will not work harder than you, yet I will work hard if you make the first step. Call and lets see change take place for YOU!.” ~ Gail Wilson, M.S