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Purpose & Meaning

Purpose & Meaning: MGS Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Purpose & Meaning




Purpose & Meaning

What is your Purpose & Meaning? Are you being heard in your relationships? Why haven’t you elevated in your business? These are some of the questions asked by women who attended the MGS Women’s Empowerment Workshops. After attendees took part in our workshops they were able to present a different self-evaluation. As you prepare for the workshop. Answer the five following questions to help you understand key strengths and weaknesses. When you attend the workshop our presenters will assist you in recognizing the tools that are specifically for you to succeed. 

Five Key Questions:

  1. What is my passion? What gets me out of bed each day?
  2. My strengths/weaknesses?
    1. What do these tell me about my purpose?
  3. What gives my life the most meaning?
  4. I feel most comfortable doing?
  5. If I have a understanding of my purpose, have I actively began to engage in it? If not what is holding me back or standing in my way?

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Gail Wilson is a Therapist, Life Coach and Public Speaker in South Florida. Mrs. Wilson works with mothers dealing with postpartum and fathers who have difficulty with transitional changes after a new child. Mrs. Wilson works with individuals, couples and families to find their inner strength and resolve interpersonal and relational conflicts. To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Wilson call (754) 999-0410 or contact by email at

Faces of Vulnerability

Faces of vulnerability

Faces of Vulnerability

Many of my learning moments come from my clients. From groups to therapeutic sessions to speaking at conferences and workshops. One this that remains consistent across the different arenas, the word vulnerability makes people run for the hills. Is it the word? Or the idea of what they will need to do to show a representation of the word? Either way it brings a reaction to those hearing it.


For some the face of vulnerability is anxiety. That face is one who starts to think of all the worst results of consequences of the action. One who is suspicious of the actions of others, while taking a second look at themselves? This face for many is overwhelming and not welcomed in intimate spaces. Many pretend they do not see this face or even have this face themselves.

Another face of vulnerability is shame. Shame presents itself when the reminder to being vulnerable means sharing those actions we aren’t very proud of. The past we want to so desperately forget and hid from. The “old” self we no long want to be acquainted with.  This face tends to sit back and observe every other face and want to pass judgement on others to deflect the shame they have for themselves.

Vulnerability comes in the face of confusion for some. This face presents it’s self because pieces are missing. Either from extensive trauma or numbing. In addition numbing is another face of vulnerability. We numb because we hurt due to situations where vulnerability showed it’s face and we were taken advantage of. Hence the face of confusion.

Lastly the face of vulnerability can be seen as a face of acceptance. A face that has traveled through all of the prior faces and maybe a few others. This face has run from being transparent and willing to change. Yet even in the time of confusion, a clear picture can be seen when you have the willingness to make change. Finding the balance between honesty and acceptance of self and others. We cannot change the things we are unable to change in the lives of others however we can change our perspective towards change.

Being vulnerable is also about having the willingness to change. Vulnerability in itself is all about change. Changing the way we think and approach a situation and allowing ourselves the opportunity to let others in as others let us in. The face a vulnerability is a face we wear at some point or another. However as we continue to grow and learn from one another, take not on the faces that encourage us to change. Redefine your understanding towards vulnerability. It can be strong, empowering, supportive, willing, accepting and caring if you allow yourself to become vulnerable. These too are faces of vulnerability and I challenge you to use one of these faces instead!

New Definition

New Definition

New DefinitionHow we define ourselves has been an intricate part of our lives. For many of us it has been taught from a young age. For myself it was shown as the way for people to determine your worth.

So what is my worth? Who determines what that is? How can it be changed or adjusted for new interactions?

Well my worth is based how I define it and who I give the power to define my definition. I am more than just a mother, wife, daughter and friend. I am also a motivator, naturalist and spiritual being.  These are just a few things that define who I am and what others can expect from me.

We get so caught up with, how to act and when not to act. Whom to impress and who is not worth of our time. What to give and not give. Whom to help and not help. As time goes on we get lost in all this confusion and we lose sight of the person we once where and where we are headed.

So this is where you begin and I assist you in that journey. Gaining insight to the changes that have happened. Categorizing and prioritizing your goals and aspirations in life and moving forward. As a motivational speaker and life coach I have assist many in this journey for change. Whether you are a new parent or a CEO of a major corporation. I have assisted many in understanding and redefining self.

In my upcoming workshop “What to Expect, When Expecting” I will help families gain an understanding of what is ahead and how they can prepare. Foe example, understanding what postpartum is and how to help your partner during these transitional times. If you or any one you know are interested in the workshop or would like a little assistance in other areas, you are more than welcomed to contact me.  From your neighborhood T.P.C.

Gail Wilson is a Therapist, Life Coach and Speaker in South Florida.   Gail works with mothers dealing with postpartum and fathers whom are having difficulty with transitional changes with a new child. In addition Gail works with individuals, families and couples to find their inner strength and resolve interpersonal and relational conflicts. To schedule an appointment with Gail call (754) 999-0410 or her email at