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Faces of Vulnerability

Faces of Vulnerability Many of my learning moments come from my clients. From groups to therapeutic sessions to speaking at conferences and workshops. One this that remains consistent across the different arenas, the word vulnerability Read more…

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Therapy is such a great resource tool! We are hear to listen and walk with you! #MGSCounseling #Motivation #Growth #Success

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Substance Abuse

Family Involvement is Important in Substance Abuse Treatment

Sub Abuse Tx for FamiliesMany believe that the addict is the only one affected by substance abuse and would benefit from treatment.  The truth is that the family members of addicts suffer just as much as the addict themselves and can also benefit from treatment, i.e. counseling/therapy to help them learn more about addiction and how to help their loved one while they themselves heal.   For more information on how I can help you and your family heal, call me at (754) 999-0716 or email me at (more…)

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Self Forgiveness

Forgiveness: Letting go of past grudges or lingering anger against a person or persons.  This is difficult enough to accomplish when it has to do with others, but what about having to forgive yourself?  On Read more…

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