Ask Mrs. Wilson

Questions from Mom’s of Multiples! It’s always a pleasure to talk with other women who support and uplift one another. It was no different this past week talking with the Women of CSMOM and having a great discussion on marriage and parenting. We spoke about relationship with our spouses and some of the bumps we […]

Couples Connection Workshop

If this looks familiar…it is time to come to our Couples Connection Workshop This two day Couples Connection workshop will include the following topics: Correcting your communication style Restoring and staying in love Intimacy and the style of love …and plenty more! Come and join me at the Couples Connection Workshop as we work on […]

Purpose & Meaning: MGS Women’s Empowerment Workshop

      Purpose & Meaning What is your Purpose & Meaning? Are you being heard in your relationships? Why haven’t you elevated in your business? These are some of the questions asked by women who attended the MGS Women’s Empowerment Workshops. After attendees took part in our workshops they were able to present a […]

Faces of Vulnerability

Faces of Vulnerability Many of my learning moments come from my clients. From groups to therapeutic sessions to speaking at conferences and workshops. One this that remains consistent across the different arenas, the word vulnerability makes people run for the hills. Is it the word? Or the idea of what they will need to do […]

Finding Strength in the Midst of Loss

During our last gathering, the ladies of the MGS Sister Circle shared their struggles with grieving loss.  Through the materials we shared, we came to understand that grieving does not only apply to losing someone to death.  It also applies to the loss of who someone was to you or the loss of their functioning […]

Lifting your Self-Esteem through Self-Acceptance: Part IV

So as our journey drew to an close, the ladies of the MGS Sister Circle found that they had challenged themselves to explore areas that had become sensitive to the touch.  They had challenged themselves to look beyond the surface and explore the deep hurts that they have covered for so long in order to find […]

Lifting your Self-Esteem through Self-Acceptance: Part III

And so the journey to self-acceptance continues.  The ladies of the MGS Sister Circle met to tackle the last six steps to self-acceptance and what a time it was.   The journey continued with “grieving the loss of unrealized dreams“.  How many of us still hold on to what might have been instead of re-creating […]

Lifting your Self-Esteem through Self-Acceptance: Part II

As we continue on this journey of Self-Acceptance, the Ladies of the MGS Sister Circle reviewed some of their responses to the first six ways that are suggested to work on accepting yourself.  Some of their responses led to interesting discussions on the types of people that we choose to associate with, our need to […]

Lifting your Self-Esteem through Self-Acceptance: Part I

Millions of women, all over this world, struggle with low self-esteem.   Many are as a result of emotional, physical, mental and/or sexual abuse.  Many times the abusers are family members or loved ones whom these women trusted, loved and relied upon to keep them safe.   The ladies of the MGS Sister Circle discussed […]

Who Am I?

As the women of the MGS Sister Circle pondered this question, it became very clear that the answer is much more complex than just giving a description.  We discussed the various components of our lives that we use to answer this age old question, such as our relationship with others, our professions, how others see […]