Welcome to the MGS Women Empowerment Workshop!


Gail Wilson M.S, The Parent Counselor is prominent therapists on a mission to help women help themselves. Mrs. Wilson has hosted a series of informative workshops and participated in speaking engagements that introduce and demonstrated effective ways to assist women in feeling empowered.

The MGS Women Empowerment Workshop will offer women the opportunity to take back the feeling of self-worth, self-love and empowerment by providing strengthening tools and a renewed understanding of a woman’s worth. The goal of this workshop is for each woman to leave knowing they have embraced the best version of themselves.

Workshop- What To Expect

Some of the Topics addressed during the workshop included:

•Relationships Hard Core- The dance of men and women
•The pathway to happiness and peaceful relationships
•Understanding yourself better- what are your needs, values and how can you live your truest self.
•Boundaries and Consequences- commanding respect from the people around you.
• Financial Security- How to be dependent on no one but yourself.


We invite women from all over to take part in this workshop. This is a time for all women to feel empowered and overcome some of the struggles they’ve encountered. This is an exciting time for all women.

Come and participate in these workshops and our future events, to find fellow sisters to evolve with, to tap into the wisdom of therapists, coaches and other women, who want to see life changing things happen in their lives.

Take this plunge to see yourself in a completely new and deeper level. You have no idea how good it can be until you’ve participated in an MGS Women Empowerment Workshop.

Future Events

The MGS Women Empowerment Workshop will be offering full day seminars, as well as weekend retreats in the near future.

Cost: 01/01/1-04/01/17 $25 Per Person
04/01/17-08/18/17 $45 Per Person
08/19/17- $65 Door Price

Register and Purchase your Tickets at

9:30am to 10am Meet Speakers
10am to 12pm Part 1 of workshop
12pm to 12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm to 2pm Part 2 of worshop