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Online Services

While Mrs. Wilson prefers to provide people with face-to-face therapeutic consults, she understands that some people are very reluctant to leave their home due to a variety of reasons.
Mrs. Wilson is able to provide therapy consults online for most people. She accepts clients throughout the state of Florida.

Online Consults

Online services will be held through Doxy.me, a free online service that allows users to make free online phone and video calls.
It is important to remember that while we will work to protect your confidentiality as much as possible, Doxy.me cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. Please always make sure you are in a private area where your conversation cannot be overheard. Please note that services are only for people living in the state of Florida and International Clients.
Please be advised that Mrs. Wilson will not accept consults for  people who are:  
  • suicidal
  • homicidal
  • have court involvement 
  • currently involved in an abusive situation
With those situations mentioned, it is best that those individuals seek treatment from a local mental health professional or agency for a face-to-face consult.

Concierge Therapy

Many of Mrs. Wilson’s clients tend to be in demanding industries which require travel,  she provides the luxury of concierge intensive therapy. This means that Mrs. Wilson may accompany you on location. Whether you are shooting a film, competing in a show or program, or traveling due to work or leisure and cannot see Mrs. Wilson at her office location, you may be able to arrange coaching from her on location.
Mrs. Wilson may include concierge should you live within 15 miles of Tamarac, FL. However, if you request concierge beyond that she can provide intensive wellness services to you providing traveling and hotel expenses are covered.
Currently, Mrs. Wilson chooses to fly domestically only at this time. However, due to demand for intensive therapy services throughout Florida, and current clients, she is only able to take on a limited number of clients for concierge and distance coaching.

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