Step Out Of Your BOX!

Hi!  I am Shari Hines Warner, Therapist, Attorney and Speaker in South Florida.  Welcome to my Blog!  I must admit that sharing my thoughts on issues that I relate to my practice as a therapist is a bit foreign to me, but just as I ask my Patients/Clients to stretch themselves and move beyond their comfort zone, so too must I stretch myself.

think-outside-the-boxI have found that in my practice as a Therapist, I have become more comfortable moving beyond the borders of the tidy box that I created for myself during my practice as an attorney.  That box, in my mind, kept me safe and “protected” me from the imagined terrors that wound themselves through the practice of law.  In fact, what the box did was keep me from spreading my wings and experiencing life at its best.

As I work with my patients in substance abuse or my clients dealing with life’s issues, I wonder what box they’ve created for themselves and what story they’ve told themselves to keep them in that box.  In substance abuse, the story is most often titled “Fear”.  Fear of acceptance, rejection, abandonment, loneliness, the unknown.  Strangely enough, the fears are the same among non-addicts and also keep you ‘stuck’.

I challenge you to step beyond the borders of your box!  Be willing to open yourselves up to new possibilities.  Climb out of your rut and try something different!  I know, I know…easier said than done.  Try it.  But if you need a little help, you know where to find me.  Until then…BE WELL!

Shari Hines Warner is a Therapist, Attorney and Speaker in South Florida.  Shari works with individuals and couples to find their inner strength and resolve interpersonal and relational conflicts.  To schedule an appointment with Shari call (754) 999-0716 or email her at