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Minister Gail Wilson, LMFT

Do you want to feel more empowered and more respected? Do you want more effective tools to handle daily challenges? Do you want to get more out of life? Do you want a better family relationship? Do you want to improve your relationship with your partner? Only by restoring the broken connections can we be healed. Connection is health. -Wendell Berry Let me assist you in finding the next best step with lighten the load that life, work, family, and relationships places on you.

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Minister, Life Coach, Author and Public Speaker in South Florida. I’ve worked in the field since 2007 helping clients find their untapped potential, inner strength and a voice to be heard. While in 2022 opening a second practice to provide additional practitioners for the community with Wilson Wellness Group, LLC. Learn more about the practice at

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Public Speaker

As a speaker over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to inspire and educate people at numerous events across Florida. Whether you’re a college, corporation, business, or private organization, I’d love to see how we can work together for your next event.

I speak on a variety of topics including Motivation, Mental Health, Parenting, Leadership, Life Balance, Entrepreneurship, and more. I’m able to present both keynotes and workshops for audiences of all sizes.

I would love to visit with you to learn more about your conference or organization and how we can work together to accomplish your goals.

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