Couples Connection Workshop

If this looks familiar…it is time to come to our

Couples Connection Workshop

This two day Couples Connection workshop will include the following topics:
  • Correcting your communication style
  • Restoring and staying in love
  • Intimacy and the style of love
  • …and plenty more!

Come and join me at the Couples Connection Workshop as we work on real life situations just like those in the video. Real life situations deserve real life solutions. I look forward to meeting you and your partner and helping you with your real life disagreements.

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Gail Wilson is a Therapist, Life Coach and Public Speaker in South Florida. Mrs. Wilson works with mothers dealing with postpartum and fathers who have difficulty with transitional changes after a new child. Mrs. Wilson works with individuals, couples andĀ families to find their inner strength and resolve interpersonal and relational conflicts. To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Wilson call (754) 999-0410 or contact by email at