We Need To Talk…

We Need to TalkFour words that women tend to use when things get serious and which most men absolutely hate to hear.   But in all seriousness when a relationship or situation gets to the point where these four little words need to be used then maybe it’s time to stop, talk, hear and listen!  Now, did you notice that I used both hear and listen?  That’s because you may think they mean the same thing but they really don’t.  I can hear your words, but am I really listening to what you are saying to me.  When couples and families talk about a breakdown in communication, this is what they mean.  Everyone is talking, yelling, screaming, gesturing…but no one is actually LISTENING to what the other is saying or trying to say.  So the next time you think there might be “breakdown” in communication with your loved one(s) think about these four other words…stop, talk, hear and listen!

If you are interested in rebuilding communication skills with your loved one, contact us at MGS Counseling and Therapy Services, LLC.  We can help you reconnect.


~Shari Hines, JD, MS – MGS Therapist