Finding Strength in the Midst of Loss

Missing YouDuring our last gathering, the ladies of the MGS Sister Circle shared their struggles with grieving loss.  Through the materials we shared, we came to understand that grieving does not only apply to losing someone to death.  It also applies to the loss of who someone was to you or the loss of their functioning in their life or relationship.  The Sisters shared personal experiences of how they were able to grieve and how they continue to struggle with making sense of their loss.  Some even came to realize that they are in a perpetual state of grief as they struggle with understanding the loss of who their loved one was to them even as they fear one day losing them to death.  One of the more effective ways that we discussed of working through the loss involved letter writing.  Specifically writing a two-way letter; one to our loved and one back from our loved one with how we imagine they would respond.  The other way was through offering and accepting support from others.  Sometimes all it takes is a kind word or a hug!

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