Forgotten Beauty

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Forgotten Beauty

Forgotten Beauty, Couch, MGS Counseling

The topic of discussion at my house for the past few weeks has been our living room. “It’s ugly and outdated. We need to fix it”, I would tell my father. It wasn’t until a friend of mine came over and made me realize something. The moment she stepped her foot inside my apartment, she complimented our living room; “Wow. I love your living room. It’s beautiful”. Shocked and confused, I let out a chuckle and replied: “You’re joking, right? I haven’t stopped annoying my dad to change it up. I think it’s hideous”. “Val, what are you talking about? The blue curtains match the blue couch, the painting behind the couch pops because of the color contrast, and the coffee table is unreal- I’ve never seen anything like it”, she answered.

I stepped back, looked around, and analyzed everything she previously mentioned. She was right. From the medium sized palm tree in the corner, to the coffee table my father designed, and even the collection of antique pictures taken of my dad’s grandmother when she was 16. The room was truly a work of art. It was beautiful! I immediately felt bad, as I not only neglected a masterpiece but I offended my dad. This room had his personality written all over it; it was his creation.

Taking a step back!

Unfortunately, this situation happens to many of us. People become this living room. This could explain why as teenagers we treated our parents the way we did; that, and well, hormones. We get accustomed to our parents’ presence in our daily lives, that we begin avoiding them and taking them for granted. This happens in other relationships as well. We stop seeing the beauty we saw when we first met someone because with time we get acquainted to them. It is an inevitable crime that we are guilty of committing.

See, I couldn’t even describe the living room before my friend came over; I couldn’t even tell you that the curtains matched the couch, as I never realized this detail. I would simply pass by this room everyday on my way to my bedroom, without even glancing at it. I was not even sure what I wanted to change about the room, I just wanted it to look different. It took an outside perspective for me to realize how great this room was. I now appreciate it and have been reminded of the beauty. Change is not as simple as changing a living room. It is important for us to be able to recall what makes an individual special and appreciate those traits, as everyone has their own unique characteristics to offer.


Forgotten Beauty, Picture, MGS Counseling

No one deserves to be forgotten and neglected like my living room and it was all because I forgot to stop and observe what it had to offer. Children share a positive outlook on the world around them because they are genuinely fascinated by their surroundings. They are experiencing and being introduced to certain things for the first time, as my friend demonstrated as she walked into my house. If we had the same perspective as children, the world would be a better place. We would demonstrate love and appreciation to everything, as we should. Life is fascinating. People are fascinating. We should never get accustomed to anything around us. Everything is different, unique, and has something to offer. Sometimes, we just need a reminder.

Thank you!

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