Effective Communication

  Communication is undoubtedly the foundation of all relationships; without it, there is no hope for a successful and healthy future with someone. Pretty extreme, right? Well, whether this statement is referring to a romantic relationship or to one with a friend or parent, it is crucial to begin to exercise and practice this. So, […]

My Best Friend!

My Best Friend!   It’s unbelievable to think that as an adult I am still redefining what a best friend will look like. Over the years I have held to an idea that my best friend is the person I have grown up with over a number of years. Shared countless secrets and desires I […]

The Scary Side of Therapy!

The Scary Side of Therapy! Therapy is a scary thought for some. The idea that you will have to speak to a stranger about what’s going on in your life. The cost for the services each session. What some people may think about you if they knew you were in therapy. Well with all these […]

My Name is More Than Mom!

My Name is More Than MOM! As always we had another great MGS Mom group. This week’s topic was “My Name is More Than Mom”. Some of the moms have talked about losing themselves in the name mom. When asked what they do, they would answer I’m a stay at home mom. When asked about […]


Start/End I’m going to talk a little about the importance of having a start and end time when it pertains to your job. Now for many of my mom’s I’m sure you are saying, what’s that? Well let me explain myself a little more. Typically I’ve gotten up gone to work and started my work […]

Thank You!

It’s important to take time out and give a special thank you for all the feedback and support I’ve received from the community. My passion to give back and see growth from others has been the motivational drive behind all I do in the community. From charity work, to speaking engagements in the different organizations I […]

Trials of Motherhood

Trials of Motherhood! I can’t help but to laugh at the many things some mothers have to go through. Many times I just have to shake my head at it all. Well once again I have a situation and I had to look for some solutions for my problem. On many occasions I too have […]

Lifting your Self-Esteem through Self-Acceptance: Part III

And so the journey to self-acceptance continues.  The ladies of the MGS Sister Circle met to tackle the last six steps to self-acceptance and what a time it was.   The journey continued with “grieving the loss of unrealized dreams“.  How many of us still hold on to what might have been instead of re-creating […]

Who Am I?

As the women of the MGS Sister Circle pondered this question, it became very clear that the answer is much more complex than just giving a description.  We discussed the various components of our lives that we use to answer this age old question, such as our relationship with others, our professions, how others see […]


Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.  Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart.  ~Catherine Marshall