Live in the moment

As we move forward in this new year, we may slowly find ourselves slipping back into old habits causing stress and clutter in our lives.  Practicing mindfulness is a great way de-clutter and de-stress our minds and our lives.  Click here for ways in which to practice mindfulness and live in the moment. Shari Hines […]

Stress kills compassion…

Have you ever noticed how the more stressed you feel, the less you care about everyone else?  Stress, and in particular ‘social’ stress, can inhibit our ability to feel empathy for others.  What should you do?  Practice mindfulness, meditation and relaxation.  It’ll do you, and others, a world of good.  Read more here…How Stress Kills […]

Let’s Dance

When two people dance and both try to lead, their movement seems awkward; usually stepping on each other’s toes. Their movement will not flow with the music; which is uncomfortable. In order to move with the music, one of them must lead the dance. The one leading can give a tender cue by pressing lightly […]

We Need To Talk…

Four words that women tend to use when things get serious and which most men absolutely hate to hear.   But in all seriousness when a relationship or situation gets to the point where these four little words need to be used then maybe it’s time to stop, talk, hear and listen!  Now, did you notice […]