Let’s Dance

Couple Dancing 2When two people dance and both try to lead, their movement seems awkward; usually stepping on each other’s toes. Their movement will not flow with the music; which is uncomfortable. In order to move with the music, one of them must lead the dance. The one leading can give a tender cue by pressing lightly on the back as he gently guides his partner in the right direction. When this happens, they become one with poise moving in the same direction as the dance takes surrender. In most dancing, the man is the one leading; however, in a marriage the husband and wife can take turns leading their dances of life.

The message here is that the “Marriage Dancing” is about trust. The husband will guide and lead his wife and family in the right direction. The wife must trust that the husband will lead them and trust that he will not let them fall.

Be Impeccable with your words; Don’t take anything personally; Don’t make assumptions, and Always do your best. Don Miguel Ruiz

~ Marie Osuna, MS, MGS Therapist